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Aramark Dietetic Internship Preceptor Training

Welcome to the Aramark Preceptor Training website! Before you get started, take a moment to provide your name, affiliated organization or facility, and email.


Welcome to the Aramark Preceptor Training website! The training is available on-demand and can be completed at times convenient for you. There are three modules consisting of readings, short videos, and step-by-step guides. All three modules together will take you approximately two hours to complete.

If you already have experience as a preceptor with the Aramark internship and the CBE Portal, then you will only need to refresh in the areas needed. If you are a new preceptor to our program, you can come back to the website time after time to complete and refresh your knowledge of the internship processes.

Module One will help you learn about general program information, with topics including our Time Off policy, Emerging Trends project, and preselect option, among others. Module Two will help prepare you for your intern’s first day and directions on how to navigate the Portal. Module Three describes our intern and preceptor recognition program as well as available continuing education credits.

View Preparing For Your Intern Video Click Here

Module One: Program Overview

Module Two: Preparing for your Intern

Module Three: Precepting

How Can We Help?

Our internship directors are happy to help you with any unanswered questions. You can reach our directors via email at or by using our Email Contact form. Your emails will be answered as quickly as possible. Please allow 1-3 business days for our response.