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Application Process

You are provided with two options for applying to the Aramark program - the preselect option or the traditional spring match option. The preselect option is available if you currently work for Aramark or an Aramark manager. Applications for the preselect option are due on January 21st with selection decisions made by February 1st. If you do not work for Aramark or an Aramark manager, you will apply through the traditional spring match option. Spring match applications are due on February 15th. All applications should be submitted through the DICAS website. Internship choices should be ranked using the D&D Digital website by February 15th. Videos detailing all aspects of the application process can be viewed below.

In order for your application to be considered complete, remember to:

  • complete your video interview, consisting of five questions, and share your video link on your Personal Statement
  • upload your completed Location Selection sheet as a supplemental item in your DICAS application
  • send your $65 application fee to the address listed in the Spring Match Checklist video

What is the Preselect Option?

Learn about the benefits of and criteria for applying through the preselect option.

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Preselect Checklist

Take the steps you need to apply through Aramark's preselect application option.

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Spring Match Checklist

Take the steps you need to apply through the spring match application option.

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Application Details

Listen to detailed application instructions to ensure you meet all of Aramark's application requirements.

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Video Interview

Discover the video interview questions and tips to make your interview stand out from the others.

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After the Match

Find out the process you need to follow for either accepting a match or moving into the second round process.

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Second Round Process

If you applied to the Aramark Dietetic Internship program, but did not match to another internship program, you will be given first priority for any Aramark positions not filled during the first round match.  In the event slots are still open, the Aramark internship will open the availability in DICAS to take additional applications for the second round. Applications should meet the internship criteria with a recorded interview link attached. DICAS will be closed when all positions are filled.

Application Reminders

The Location Selection Sheet and the video interview are unique to the application process for the Aramark Dietetic Internship. You need to remember to upload the completed Location Selection Sheet as a supplemental item in the application. A link to the video interview should be provided in your Personal Statement. These items are required to consider your application complete.

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