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Program Pathways

Our program wants to help you meet your educational and professional goals. There are many ways you can enter into our program. The first step is identifying whether you will be applying to our program through our preselect or spring match application process. The preselect application process is open to you if you currently work for Aramark or an Aramark manager. If this does not describe you, then you will participate in the spring match. 


As you figure out which application process fits your situation, you will want to ask yourself the following questions to identify the program pathway that works best for you. 

  • Do you want to start your MS in Human Nutrition degree?

  • Do you already have a MS degree?

  • Have you completed some graduate coursework?


Download our Program Pathways chart to determine your next step as you answer these questions. Regardless of how you answer these questions, you will see we have an option for you!

Application Due Dates

You are provided with two options for applying to the Aramark program - the preselect option or the traditional spring match option. Preselect applications are due on January 21st with selection decisions made by February 1st. Spring match applications, as well as graduate school applications, are due on February 15th. Click on the link below to access a timeline for the spring match.

View Spring Match Timeline

Admission Criteria

Planning for a dietetic internship includes understanding the program’s core admission requirements. You must meet all admission requirements to be eligible for the program. Prior to completing your application, review our program admission criteria to determine what you need to be a part of the Aramark Dietetic Internship.

View Program Admission Criteria

Application Process

Our internship application process consists of two major parts - completing your internship application and ranking your internship choices. You will use the DICAS website to complete your application while D&D Digital will be used to rank your internship choices. An optional step is to complete your graduate program application, if your plans include pursuing your MS degree. View our Application Checklist to ensure you complete all steps of our application process.

View Application Checklist

Application Fee

The internship application fee is one payment regardless of the number of rotation sites you select. One fee for endless possibilities for your internship home! Your application fee should be in the form of a personal or cashier’s check. Make sure your name is on the check. Mail your application fee to: Aramark Global Business Systems Accounts Receivable - Dietetic Internship 5880 Nolensville Pike Nashville, TN 37211.

Video Interview

Our program requires a recorded video interview as part of your application. Your video should be five minutes or less and address all interview questions. Once completed, you should upload your video to a sharing site. The video share link should be added to the bottom of your personal statement for our directors to view. Our directors should be able to access your video without using a password. View our Video Guidelines handout below to discover the video interview questions and tips to make your interview stand out from the others.

View Video Interview Guidelines

Accepting the Offer

Preselect applicants will be sent an email confirming an internship placement by February 1. If you apply through the match process, you will know of your internship placement on Match Day through the D&D Digital website. With both the preselect and D&D match process, you will need to email us at to accept the offer to be a part of our internship program. Your name, acceptance confirmation, and preferred contact information should be included in your email. Our program director will reply to your email to confirm receipt. Our program is under no obligation to hold your position if your email is not received by the designated date.

Second Round Process

If you applied to the Aramark Dietetic Internship program, but did not match to another internship program, you will be given first priority for any Aramark positions not filled during the first round match.  In the event slots are still open, the Aramark internship will open the availability in DICAS to take additional applications for the second round. Applications should meet the internship criteria with a recorded interview link attached. DICAS will be closed when all positions are filled.

Program Completion

Our dietetic internship is part of your route to meeting the eligibility requirements for the Registration Exam for Dietitians set by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR). After successful completion of a Didactic Program in Dietetics and receipt of your baccalaureate degree, your next step will be to complete the practice and learning experiences associated with a dietetic internship. All program graduates will receive a certificate and verification statement once competencies have been fulfilled, indicating eligibility to sit for the RD Exam. The dietetic internship will also meet the requirements for state licensure or certification mandatory for practice in most states.

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